Meet Simon

Simon knows what he likes. He likes to have bananas foster for dessert, his favorite app is Vine and there’s nothing he enjoys more than monkeying around with his family over the weekend. Most of all, Simon likes to keep things simple.

Unfortunately, Simon found that when it came to searching and selling commercial real estate online, things were far from simple. If he wanted to search a site, he’d have to sign up or pay to view the results.  There were listings that were out-of-date and inconsistent.  Plus, he’d have to spend so much time entering data when all he wanted was a simple overview. Simon was over it.

So we came up with Listing Gorilla – a simple, easy and reliable site for searching and listing commercial real estate. With all the time and money Simon saves now, he has more time to do the things he enjoys. So, he’s started a blog to offer insight and advice to sellers and agents of all levels. His advice is short, sweet and to the point.

After all, Simon likes to keep things simple.  View Simon's Blog